We are two brothers based in a winter tourism village called “Gstaad” in Switzerland. We both have a passion for filmmaking and editing movies.

While Noah likes practicing parkour, doing flips on our trampoline and a lot more action sports, I, Josija love photographing. I am currently living in Mexico and Costa Rico for half a year, doing a DTS (Discipleship Training School). If you want to know more about the DTS, read my blog or visit YWAM San Diego / Baja.
The story of NYDEGGER STUDiuS startet way back when Noah, and I created a small video for our church. We didn’t know how to call it but we knew that we want to include something that connected us. So we used our family name.
In Switzerland, we speak Swiss German, a language very close to German, with countless slang words. Today, but especially at the time we created our name, the word “iu” had a lot of purposes for us and our friends. In Whatsapp, we were using it more frequently than any other word. Some meanings of iu are: “yes, yeah, cool”.
Because we were creating videos, we included “iu” into “studios”.
So, thats the short story of our name.


This is Josija:



And this is Noah: