Be patient 2.0

Today, God told me to surrender everything to Him again.
It is so easy to build little walls that protect our most intimate thoughts or dreams. But as time goes by, the walls start growing and separating us from Him. We start believing lies about ourselves and blaming God or others for the separation we experience. 

The way I believe we can break our walls is by surrendering everything we are (and wish to be) to Him. Thereby, we avoid so many sources of suffering like selfishness or ignorance. 
Surrender, however, doesn’t mean that we then are His slaves who have to do everything He tells us to. It means much more that we allow our Father to work within us and through us. He didn’t give us dreams to erase all of them in our minds after we surrender. But He wants what’s best for us and our neighbors. 
Today, He spoke to me through Romans 13:14 about surrender:
“Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh”

Often His timing is so different than ours. I learned that His timing is always the best and that patience is a key in trusting God. 

 We live in the “now” but try to think about and see the future. Our Father, however, lives outside of time and still wants to be in relationship with me right now! Isn’t that wonderful?

My vision and dream for these coming two months of outreach phase is that people get healed, be transformed and really experience the Holy Spirit. 

  • I would like to preach the Gospel on the streets, not having to fear what others think about me. 
  • I would like to see people rising from the dead. 
  • I would like to build relationships that last into eternity.
  • I would like to see orphans finding their Father who loves them abundantly. 
  • I would like that others can see the love of God through the unity we have as an outreach team.
  • I would like to see heaven touching earth. 

I know that I can do nothing by myself. But I know also and I proclaim this over our outreach in Costa Rica: Through Christ all things are possible!
He told me that the only thing He asks me to do is:

  1. Love Him, be in relationship with Him
  2. Love my neighbor as myself

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